Valuation Widget

The Valuation Widget offers an easy-to-configure and install instant cash offer journey for your website.


The widget can capture leads by auto-filling vehicle information, asking key questions and making a conditional offer informed by your preset valuation strategy.

It is highly customisable to your dealership brand or corporate imagery requirements, feeling at home on your existing website.

The resulting leads are deployed over email or select LMS providers depending on your region.

Example Implementations

You can find an example of the valuation widget operating on the AutoGrab corporate homepage here. For a more brand / corporate imagery-compliant implementation refer to Berwick Motor Group.


Speak to your sales rep about your desired implementation pattern. We will supply you with staging and production iFrame url code as part of your deployment process.

Position On Page

You have two options to embed the iframe inside your website. In both these options, it is critical that you set the iframe width to 650px and centred.

Popup - holding the iframe in a popup container and ensuring you conform to the AUTOGRAB_VALUATION_HIDE to event listening to close the popup container and AUTOGRAB_VALUATION_DIMENSIONS resize the height dynamically.

On Page - holding the iframe on a page ensuring you let us know so we can remove the close button. Since the page can still extend vertically you need to respond to the AUTOGRAB_VALUATION_DIMENSIONS alert.

Event Listeners

Please ensure your implementation meets the minimum event listener requirements.

The valuation widget will send messages you need to pay attention to via the iframe postMessage function. The messages are as follows.


The widget loaded successfully, no intervention is needed.


There was an exception or error delivering the iframe contents.


The close button at the end of the workflow or close X in the interface has been pressed.


The iframe has resized due to changed in the contents. Please respond by resizing the iframe container to hold the new contents without cropping.

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