Marketplace ID Lookup

A special use case endpoint for our marketplace customers to find their own leads on AutoGrab systems.


In a scenario where you want to understand the vehicle ID or data on listed vehicles, you can use the marketplace search system.

Prerequisites to access.

  1. To be approved to access this special use case endpoint, contact your account manager.

  2. Be aware of your listing ID and use that for the marketplace_id parameter.

  3. Be aware of your marketplace identifier, it is your public domain name, e.g

Example Usage

For example, if you were Drive located in Australia with listing 969515655 you could form the request below.


You will get this response with the vehicle ID "4969003601429068" allowing you to interact with other services like the Market Overlay, Pricing Prediction and more.

  "success": true,
  "vehicle": {
    "id": "4969003601429068",
    "region": "au",
    "title": "2023 GWM Haval H6GT Ultra Auto 4WD",
    "year": "2023",
    "make": "GWM",
    "model": "Haval H6GT",
    "badge": "Ultra",
    "series": "B03",
    "model_year": null,
    "release_month": 8,
    "release_year": 2022,
    "body_type": "SUV",
    "body_config": null,
    "transmission": "Dual Clutch Automatic (DCT)",
    "transmission_type": "Automatic",
    "wheelbase": null,
    "wheelbase_type": null,
    "fuel": "Petrol",
    "fuel_type": "Petrol",
    "engine": "Piston",
    "engine_type": "Piston",
    "drive": "AWD",
    "drive_type": "Four Wheel Drive",
    "num_doors": 5,
    "num_seats": 5,
    "num_gears": 7,
    "num_cylinders": 4,
    "capacity_cc": 1998,
    "power_kw": 150,
    "torque_nm": 320,
    "range": 714,
    "options": [
        "detail": "Metallic Paint",
        "price": 495
        "detail": "Standard Paint",
        "price": 0


You are only able to search for a vehicle once it is present on our service. If you receive the error below this means we are not yet aware of the listing due to its recency.

  "error": true,
  "message": "Vehicle via marketplace not found in database"

In this scenario, we recommend falling back to a test lookup using the title in its most descriptive format. E.g 2024 Nissan X-TRAIL Ti Wagon Ti 2.5L SUV 4WD. Refer to the text searching guide here.

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