Matching Confidence

Understand how we match vehicles and the expected outcomes.

The matcher is a foundational piece of technology that reconciles market, listing and data inputs describing cars against our vehicle catalogue. This is done so you can utilise our market-leading vehicle ID for additional workflows like valuation, market data and more.

For example, when you request information on a registration plate the primary input we receive is its description "upstream_vehicle": "2019 Isuzu Ute MU-X 4x2 LS-M 4 Wagon 6sp auto 3.0L 3000cc 4cyl T/Diesel 2018. That needs to be matched to "id": "4843865643155456" which represents hundreds of data points related to the Isuzu.

We are transparent about the confidence of the match and you can leverage this to inform your workflows. In each relevant vehicle discovery method you will receive a "confidence" response.

Confidence ParameterExplanation

The match from the input provided was at our standard confidence and is reliable for all use cases.

The match from the input provided was not reliably matched and we have a lower confidence for its usage in general use cases.

In the reduced confidence outcome we highly recommend showing the upstream_vehicle parameter. This will help your user ensure the vehicle we have responded with is representative of the real vehicle.

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