Registration Plate Search

Find vehicle information from a registration plate.


The Vehicle Registration API allows you to search for a vehicle by supplying its number plate. The request requires a region, the state (dependent on region), number plate & API key. This will return either a matching vehicle with possible option packs, or a null.

In all cases, and importantly if a matching vehicle is unable to be identified, we will return the upstream_vehicle field allowing you to identify how the relevant road transport authority describes the vehicle. Depending on your use case you may wish to allow front-end users to manually classify the vehicle using the upstream_vehicle as a guide to fill out a Facet-style search.

curl "{number_plate}?region=au&state={state}"
-H 'ApiKey: {API_KEY}'

That would produce the payload below.

    "success": true,
    "vehicle": {
        "id": "5804870883868672",
        "region": "au",
        "title": "2019 Volkswagen Polo 85TSI Comfortline AW Auto MY19",
        "year": "2019",
        "make": "Volkswagen",
        "model": "Polo",
        "badge": "85TSI Comfortline",
        "series": "AW",
        "model_year": "MY19",
        "release_month": 8,
        "release_year": 2018,
        "body_type": "Hatchback",
        "body_config": null,
        "transmission": "Dual Clutch Automatic (DCT)",
        "transmission_type": "Automatic",
        "wheelbase": null,
        "wheelbase_type": null,
        "fuel": "Petrol",
        "fuel_type": "Petrol",
        "engine": "Piston",
        "engine_type": "Piston",
        "drive": "FWD",
        "drive_type": "Front Wheel Drive",
        "num_doors": 5,
        "num_seats": 5,
        "num_gears": 7,
        "num_cylinders": 3,
        "capacity_cc": 999,
        "power_kw": 85,
        "torque_nm": 200,
        "range": 909,
        "options": [
                "detail": "Driver Assistance Package (Polo)",
                "price": 1500
                "detail": "Sound & Vision Package",
                "price": 1900
                "detail": "R-Line Package",
                "price": 1500
                "detail": "Paint - Metallic/Pearl Effect",
                "price": 500
    "upstream_vehicle": "2019 Volkswagen AW Polo 85TSI Comfortline 4 Hatch 7sp auto 1.0L 1000cc 3cyl T/Petrol 2018",
    "vin": "WVWZZZAWZKU065305",
    "colour": "White",
    "confidence": "standard",
    "additional_vehicles": []


Success - this denotes the outcome of the lookup, if this is not true there are several possible reasons. The plate does not exist, was entered incorrectly or the registration authority could be experiencing an outage (refer to our status page).

Vehicle - this is the array that holds the vehicle data as a result of our matching operation. If Vehicle:Null then we have not been able to identify a matching vehicle. If this is powering a front end UX you should prompt the user to search via Facets Search to resolve to a vehicle ID. You can use theUpstream_Vehicle below as a UI guide.

Upstream_Vehicle - this is what the Registration Authority has told us the vehicle is. We use this input to match our catalogue.

ID - this is the platform ID of the vehicle, your gateway to leveraging this vehicle in future Valuation, Vehicle Data and more requests.

Summary Data - you will find basic information about the vehicle that you can use to power your UX. If you require more information that is in the Vehicle array consider usage of Vehicle Data endpoints.

Options - these are fittable (not fitted) options available on this vehicle. If you require fitted (from factory data) use the Options Data endpoint.

Confidence - this is the prediction confidence of the match. There are two types of output for this parameter (Standard and degraded).

Additional Vehicle - if there are additional lower confidence matches we will show them to you here.


You can pass in features to request additional data to be sent in the response. Refer to the Features section for more information.

The State Parameter

Australia - this is a required parameter for the region. You must send the state in its short format, you can use the long format for front end purposes if you require.

State (ShortState (Long)


New South Wales


Northern Territory




South Australia






Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

Prefer More Results

This feature will show you additional results at lower-quality matches. Only use this if you would like to see other vehicles that are not likely to be the one you are requesting. Use headerprefer_more_results=true in order to request this response.

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