Registration Status

Find a vehicle's registration status.

To retrieve the registration status & write-off information for a given vehicle, you can call the status endpoint.


In Australia, merely call the /v2/vehicles/{number_plate}/status endpoint with region=au. You must send the state in its short format, you can use the long format for front-end purposes if you require. Refer to the Australian state table under the Registration Search heading in this guide for a list.


To perform an example request:

curl "{number_plate}/status?region=au&state={state}" \
     -H 'ApiKey: {API_KEY}'

An example response payload is:

  "success": true,
  "plate_number": "XYZ123",
  "state": "VIC",
  "vin": "YV1TS91Z041342423",
  "registration_status": "REGISTERED",
  "registration_expiry": "2022-09-12",
  "incidents": [
      "type_code": "Storm, Flood, Other Write-off",
      "state": "VIC",
      "recorded_date": "2018-01-10",
      "code": "Repairable Write-off",
      "damage_codes": "H14B"

This function is not yet available in New Zealand or Malaysia

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